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Koh Samuai Activities to Keep you Busy

Koh Samuai is a beautiful Thailand island. It’s generally seen as a getaway, but don’t worry there are plenty of Koh Samuai activities to keep you busy.

The Worlds Most Underrated Beach Destinations

Often great beaches are overlooked for no good reason. These places still make great holiday destinations without all the fanfare of the tourist heavy locations.

Top 7 Beaches of Cape Town

Your next stop for your beach exploration trip should definitely be Cape Town, South Africa. These beautiful beaches offer perfect tanning opportunities and adventurous activities galore and great picturesque moments.

What not to miss while visiting Cebu, Philippines

Fringed by white sand beaches and magical islands you’ll fall in love with Cebu. Here’s our list of what not to miss while visiting Cebu, Philippines.

The World’s Best Infinity Pools

Infinity pools are the double rainbow of swimming pools because one body of beautiful blue water seems to disappear into the stunning surrounding scenery.

Sexiest Beaches in the World

When everyone is walking around in what is basically nothing more than underwear, it’s not surprising that most people associate the word ‘sexy’ with beaches.

The Best Sunset on a Beach Photo Essay

There are so many great settings for a sunset photo, but I would doubt there is any better than on a beach.

Travel Bloggers Share Their Favorite Beaches Part 3

Part 3 of out series of ‘Travel Bloggers Share Their Favorite Beaches’