5 Best Beach Honeymoon Destinations

Honeymooners have made a habit of getting hitched and running off to an exotic beach destination as long as fathers have been giving away their daughters in marriage. As such, many have risen to prominence as exotic, romantic hideaways. Following are our five best beach honeymoon destinations for newlywed couples looking to have a world class getaway.


Best Clear Water Beaches in the World - Bora bora


Bora Bora

This Island is rather small and is centered around a dormant volcano. An amazing tropical jungle covers the entire area, even getting close to the beach at times. The island features an aquamarine lagoon that is so stunning it caused author James Michener to tout it as “the most beautiful island in the world”. The water here is as clear as anywhere in the world.

Great lodging featuring four star resorts and huts that stretch out across peers on the water make for a unique and intimate setting. Prices are steep at this honeymoon destination so make sure that you have plenty of cash on hand.


5 Best Beach Honeymoon Destinations - Santorini



This Greek island hotspot is known for lavish hotels and resorts, multicolored sand beaches, Mediterranean food and stunning blue and white buildings. Not to mention, couples love to watch the incredible views of the sunset every evening.

In addition to its four and five-star lodging, Santorini has a very interesting history. Around every turn there are cities that have been in existence since ancient times and archaeological structures that have been preserved with the utmost care. The sights, sounds, and allure of the island is enough to take any honeymoon couple’s breath away. It is also a popular location to get married.


Escape Reality in the Heavenly Pacific Islands - Fiji - schoenberger



If you’re looking for seclusion, then look no further than Fiji. More than 1300 miles off the coast of New Zealand, Fiji sits somewhat alone in the South Pacific. Their drinks are unlike anything you’ve ever had. Be sure to try their famous bitter beer as well as their sumptuous kava drink cocktail. Watch men walk across coal beds, experience some of the best surfing in the world, dive like a pro, or simply snorkel and enjoy some of Fiji’s dazzling coral reefs. The local food, intimate feel, and secluded location will stay with you long after you are gone.


5 Best Beach Honeymoon Destinations - Anguilla



You won’t find much going on other than relaxing which makes Anguilla the perfect choice for newlyweds. The island has an embargo on casinos, high-rise resort hotels, and cruise ships. However, that all sets the stage for a fantastic and intimate honeymoon. You can find several beachfront properties that are somewhat low-key. If you’re looking for a resort style setting, you will still find them, they are just not 10 stories tall. The dining here is out of this world and there are plenty of different options. You may dine at the restaurant or go sophisticated and try alfresco dining. After a long day of relaxing, the night comes alive with local bands playing some of the best music around. Many famous artist such as Jimmy Buffett and Bankie Banx have stopped by to perform. The tranquility and lack of development making this an intimate setting perfect for your honeymoon destination.


5 Best Beach Honeymoon Destinations - Seychelles



This Island is unique and picturesque. Newlywed couples will pay handsomely to get to this remote destination, but the payoff is more than worth it. Experience beautiful sandy beaches with massive boulders resting on the shore beckoning you to explore and take in the surreal landscape. This is the stuff of postcards. Here you will find large colorful birds, and tortoises the size of footstools. If you are adventurous and up for exploration as a couple, Seychelles does not disappoint. The lodging is nice as well and of course, the food never disappoints!


There you have it. Theย 5 best beach honeymoon destinations are sure to create many lasting memories for you and your spouse. One final tip. To get the best rates and save a little much needed newlywed cash, try booking these exotic locations in the off season. Lodging and airfare tend to be cheaper, and often times hotels will toss in a dining package to boot. It is an option worth exploring. Especially if you want to honeymoon like royalty, yet pay much less!


Photo credits –ย Anguilla & Seychelles.



Author: Nicole

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  1. Your beach photos are gorgeous.

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  2. All of these have been “found”. Bora-Bora = expensive and over-rated. Pacific in General is dieing. Get off the beaten path. Honeymoons should be private, remote, exotic, and romantic & that’s hard to do at a big resort or tourist infested island. A little bit of research goes a long way.

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    • Michael

      Hi AJ,

      Everyone wants something different from their honeymoon. We’re happy with our selection and think people would have a great time if they choose any of them. Having said that the ones we have suggested will not be for everyone. But that’s what great about any travel, you can choose what you like. If we all liked the same thing, it would be a boring world.

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