5 Unique Beaches from Around the World

When we think about beaches we picture the beautiful white sand and the crystal clear water.  Why not?  These beaches are spectacular! They are what you see all over the internet, magazine covers and holiday brochures.  Make no mistake, when you arrive at them you will have your breathe taken away, and when you jump in the water you will feel like you are in heaven.  But the world would be pretty boring if all the beaches looked like this.  In fact some of the worlds best beaches are the ones that are a little more unique.  These beaches are experiences you will definitely remember for different reasons.

Here are our picks for the 5 Unique Beaches from Around the World that are well worth a visit.


5 Unique Beaches from Around the World - Black Beach - Hawaii


Black Sand Beach, Maui, Hawaii

You probably know this already, but Hawaii has some pretty awesome beaches and this beach is no different, even if for unique reasons.  The black sand beach is a wonderfully different experience.  While you might think ‘black sand’ means dirty, this couldn’t be further from the truth.  The sand is little stones of lava material.  It is quite intriguing when you look at it closely.  It has all the marks you expect with lava, but in miniature version.  With the black beach, blue waters and Hawaiian greenery surrounding it, the beach is nothing short of a beautiful picture.


5 Unique Beaches from Around the World - Maho Beach, St Martin


Maho Beach, St Martin

Maho Beach is located on the Dutch side of Saint Martin.  The beach itself is your run of the mill Caribbean Beach.  You know the ones, white sand and beautiful water.  The difference is when you look up.  Maho Beach is located right next to the airport and in the direct flight path of landing planes.  While you’re sitting there enjoying your sun baking you will see a huge airplane fly over.  Due to the short runway the planes come in at low altitude.  You will feel like you can reach up and touch them.


5 Unique Beaches from Around the World - Glass Beach


Glass Beach, California, US

Glass Beach can be found in MacKerricher State Park close to Fort Bragg.  It’s an old dumping ground used by the locals during the 20th century.  Since the dumps closure in 1967 it has had many various cleaning projects to try and tidy the beach up.  With these cleanups and almost 50 years of waves pounding the shores it has left a remarkable site.  A beach with small, smoothed colored pieces of glass and pottery instead of sand.


5 Unique Beaches from Around the World - Hidden Beach


Hidden Beach, Mexico

While most beaches are naturally created, this one was formed from a giant blast by the Mexican Government during target practice.  I always thought this might be mother natures attempt at showing something beautiful can come from something bad.  You could imagine the first person to find it after the blast and be mightily impressed by the end result.  The beach is very isolated (as you would expect for a former government target practice range), but well worth the effort to get to.  You need to arrive by boat and swim your way through a small opening to get there.


5 Unique Beaches from Around the World - liaohe-river-delta


Liaohe Delta, China

When you arrive at this beach you will be greeted by a stunning red.  It’s not actually the beach itself, but a type of seaweed that grows there in the saline-alkali soil.  The beach gets it’s color during the Autumn period when the normally green plant turns this stunning color.  Most of the beach is in a nature reserve and closed to the public, but there are sections where the tourist flock to see this phenomenon.  It’s like no other beach you will see in the world.


Are there any other beaches we should add to our ‘5 Unique Beaches from Around the World’ list?

Photo Credits: aero_icarus, visitmendocino, daily mail, picturestorie.wordpress.com


Author: Michael

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  1. Great posts! Some of these beaches are so cool! My favourite is the Hidden Beach, but I’m a little biased since I live in Puerto Vallarta.

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  2. Ahhh glass beach is my kind of heaven, but I would also love to visit Hidden Beach Mexico. Looks awesome. There is a beach like the one at St Martin where the planes come in like that in Lanzarote too. It runs right at the end of the runway.

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  3. Oooo I really want to go to the hidden beach in Mexico and the one in China. They look amazing!!

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  4. Great to see an article like this. Its strange to hear news like target practice creates beautiful beach, Hidden Beach.

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