Awesome Places for Scuba Diving in Hawaii

Perhaps you are headed to the Aloha state and are in the mood for some scuba diving? Not too worry! There are plenty of destinations to choose from throughout the island chain. But, to get you started, here are a few of our recommendations for the most awesome places for scuba diving in Hawaii.


Awesome Places for Scuba Diving in Hawaii - Molokini Crater


Molokini Crater

Maui Island

The area of Molokini Crater is a wildlife sanctuary and it takes permission of two government bodies to be granted access if you want to take your boat out there.  However, you are allowed to moor your boat offshore and swim out.  Scuba diving is very popular here for a view of some of the great sea life that congregates around the crater. This reef is home to about 250  fish species, 35 coral species, and 100 types of algae.  You can also snorkeling in this area but it get a little overcrowded during high season.


Awesome Places for Scuba Diving in Hawaii - The Cathedrals - Lanai Island - mikeyru2


The Cathedrals

Lanai Island

These underwater grottoes are popular diving spots on the “Pineapple Island”. Sunlight streaming through the cave openings provides an atmosphere reminiscent of a church, hence the name. Departing from Lahaina Harbor on Maui Island, a forty-five minute boat ride brings scuba divers out to the spot. These caverns are home to a variety of marine life including shrimp, sea turtles, eels, and trumpet fish. Sometimes conditions at the site can be rough and render some places off-limits, but that should not deter visitors. The cathedrals are recommended for experienced scuba divers and beginners should check out Hulopoe Bay instead.


Awesome Places for Scuba Diving in Hawaii - Kealakekua Bay Hawaii


Kealakekua Bay

Big Island

You will find Kealakekua Bay in a marine conversation area on the Big Island. This area is home to octopuses, moray eels, and the local dolphin pod. You can reach is by boat or by hiking from Napoopoo Road in Captain Cook town. It will take you about 45 minutes and it’s downhill walk on the way there, but coming back up is a much harder walk and will take you around 90 minutes to ascend. Be sure to carry some water with you and wear good hiking shoes. Early morning is the best time to visit so you miss the crowds that come later in the day.


Awesome Places for Scuba Diving in Hawaii - Oceanarium  - 45688285@N00



Kauai Island

Near Hanalei Bay, this site features the usual lineup of marine animals such as eels and various fish varieties, but also rarer species such as long-handed spiny lobsters. A varied underwater topography with coral cups and black coral trees awaits divers. There are several pinnacles located at this area near the v-shaped access point. The Oceanarium area is only accessible by boat and is recommended for advanced scuba divers only. Snorkeling and excellent surfing can be found nearby at Hanalei Bay.


Awesome Places for Scuba Diving in Hawaii - Kumimi Beach - diverdoug


Kumimi Beach

Molokai Island

Mr. Murphy donated the land on which this public beach stands to the local Chamber of Commerce in the 1970s causing a case of dual identity. Yet whatever you call it, the site features calm lagoon waters, a barrier reef, and a large stretch of golden sand. This beach is highly recommended for snorkeling, though it can be too shallow for some people’s tastes. Beginning scuba divers will have no difficulty examining the nearby Moloka’i reef on calm days. Living sponges and octopuses can be found here as well as the usual assortment of marine life. There are no facilities at the beach so be sure to bring your own food and water when you visit.


Where do you think are the most awesome places for Scuba Diving in Hawaii?



Author: Nicole

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  1. Nice and wonderful work GUYS! You Both published a amazing Article for Scuba Diving in Hawaii. I never been in Hawaii as well as didn’t do Scuba Diving any where but I see some video’s of Scuba Diving. I do really fear to Scuba Diving because anything can be happen under the water so I Fear it but Nice post for those love Scuba Diving 🙂 Good Luck Both of you Guys.

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  2. I’ve never gone scuba diving but I feel like I should learn just to explore these Hawaiian underwater world. I have heard such great things about Molokini Crater and we hope to make it there for snorkeling next time. Great job of showcasing a variety of spots here.

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