Awesome Surf Spots in Central America

With thousands of miles of stunning coastline, Central America is gradually becoming well-known for its top surfing destinations. Many surfers from all over the globe have traveled to the best of Central America to discover these top surf spots for themselves, whether its Jamaica, Costa Rica, Guatemala or the Bahamas – the list is simply endless. However, we’ve managed to rustle together 5 awesome surf spots in Central America that are sure to prove ideal for any surfing fanatics out there.


Awesome Surf Spots In Central America - Jaco Beach - delmarsurfcamp


Jaco Beach, Costa Rica

Arguably the most famous surfing beach in Costa Rica, Jaco Beach is quite simply a surfers’ very own personal paradise. The area offers year-round surfing opportunity and its impressive waves attract swarms of surfers in big numbers, which has transformed what was once a sleepy town into Costa Rica’s surf mecca. The beach is remembered for its steep peaks and excellent exposure to swells, plus its wild parties, which is certainly a bonus after a day of surfing! However, take note that Jaco Beach is sometimes not safe for swimmers, but in contrast is absolutely perfect for those solely looking to surf and not much else.


Awesome Surf Spots In Central America - Puerto Escondido - t3mp0r4l


Puerto Escondido, Mexico

This Mexican surfing hotspot is much-loved by those from all over the globe, all of whom love nothing more than to grab their boards and hit the waves. Surfing on the stunning Puerto Escondido is seasonal and the waves are known to vary in size during the dry season, which is from November to April. From early May onwards, the size of the waves increases rapidly. This is an ideal time for daring and experienced surfers to make their arrivals. Choose from 3 locations to surf the Puerto Escondido: Zicatela Beach, The Point or Kiddie Break.


Awesome Surf Spots In Central America - Punta Roca - soulsurfer3


Punta Roca, El Salvador

Situated in the town of La Liberdad, the easy-to-find Punta Roca provides world-class, point break waves that prove to be perfect for experienced surfers. Here’s a tip – for less of a crowd, make sure you cram in all the surfing you can during the week, as Punta Roca is known to get busy with the locals on a weekend. Also, the months of May, June and July are the best time to go to ensure the most rideable waves!


Awesome Surf Spots In Central America - Popoyo - lightningbolteurope


Popoyo, Nicaragua

This Nicaraguan white-sand surfing paradise is ideal for both experienced and fairly new surfers, due to its gentle swells and towering breaks. The most rideable waves tend to be recorded in the months of May and June, with December to February being a good time to avoid this spot. Despite this, Popoyo’s consistent offshore winds groom the waves to perfection on a regular basis. Even though this surfing destination has quite a reputation of only catering for experienced surfers, this is untrue. The hollow beach breaks and point breaks prove ideal for surfers of all levels.


A Surfers Paradise in Costa Rica - Naranjo @worldwide-souvenirs


Carenero Point Break, Panama

A lesser-known Central American surfing spot, Carenero Point Break in Panama is a top destination for experienced surfers from all over the world. Its consistent frequency, good swell direction, point-break waves and low crowds are definite highlights of this surfing spot in particular. Not only this, but Carenero Point Break is extremely easy to find within the town. Here’s a tip – make sure to go during the right season to catch the best waves, which is from late November until the beginning of February.


Do you have any locations to add to the Awesome Surf Spots In Central America list?



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