The Beautiful Beaches of Western Australia

Australia could arguably have one of the greatest turnarounds of any country, ever. Once known around the world as a place to house British criminals, Australia is now known globally as the dream vacation destination. The beauty of Australian beaches have resulted in millions wanting to come and explore this great country. As you plan your beach vacation to Australia, you must plan to visit the Western Australian beaches.  We’ve picked out the top three most beautiful beaches of Western Australia.


The Beautiful Beaches of Western Australia - Turquoise Bay Western Australia - jogiboarder


Turquoise Bay in Exmouth is continually rated one of the top beaches in not only Western Australia, but also the entire country, and even makes frequent appearances on lists of the best beaches in the world. With one look at Turquoise Bay, it is easy to see what all of the hype is about. The beautiful white sands, pristine turquoise waters, and coral reef nearby make it a beach that can accommodate the hobbies of everyone in your traveling party.

Or, if you are traveling alone, you can enjoy everything a beach can offer. You can lie in the sun all day, take a dip into the water, or go snorkeling. Since over five hundred different species of fish, which come in every color imaginable, live within the beautiful reef, this is an experience that even the finest beach bums must take advantage of while visiting Turquoise Bay.


The Beautiful Beaches of Western Australia - Cable Beach in Broome - les_butcher


If you are looking for an “out of the ordinary” beach vacation during your time in Australia, Cable Beach in Broome is the place for you! The beach is named for the cable line which runs between Broome and Java, which was laid in 1889 to connect Australia to the rest of the world. Cable Beach is world famous for its beach camel rides, yes camel rides. Many people can say that they have ridden horses on the beach, but very few can say that they rode a camel. You can join this select group of people and bring home a great story to tell the people at the office.

In addition to the camel rides, Cable Beach is also known around the globe for its breathtaking sunsets, a must see for anyone in the area. Cable Beach is also home to an astounding twenty two kilometers of white sand, touching the famous Australian celestial blue waters.


The Beautiful Beaches of Western Australia - Esperance Beach - smurfie77


Esperance Beach is a nature lovers dream. The locals argue that it is home to the whitest sands in Australia, making it an ideal place to beach bum. There are over one hundred small islands off of the main beach, making it an adventures dream. Some islands are close enough that you can swim to them, and others require a short boat ride. Either way, various small animals and other forms of vegetation can be found on the islands and will keep the explorer inside you happy.

Additionally, the shallow waters off of the beach, and the various small caves and coves, make Esperance Beach an ideal place for snorkeling. If you’re afraid of snorkeling in the open waters, the coves provide a safe place to learn to snorkel while enjoying the beauty of small fish and marine vegetation.


Therefore, whether you are looking to do something none of your friends have done, such as ride camels on the beach, watch a sunset that will leave you speechless, or feel like Robin Crusoe as you experience an uncharted island, Western Australia is the place for you.


Have we missed any from the list of beautiful beaches of Western Australia?



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  1. Great list……must have been very hard to choose only 3 given there are so many amazing beaches in WA!

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    • Michael

      With so much coastline there were a lot to choose from. There were several unlucky not to make the cut!

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