The Beauty of Elafonissos Island; A Stunning Greek Island Treasure

Located on the warm shores of the Mediterranean, Greece has more water frontage than any country in Europe. Additionally, there are over 6,000 Greek islands off of the coast of the main country, with just under two hundred of these being inhabited.

As one could expect, with having so much water frontage, mainland Greece and the Greek islands are home to many beautiful beaches. The warm Mediterranean climate makes the Greek beaches some of the most beloved beaches by travelers in the world. If one is traveling to Greece to visit the beaches,you need to see the beauty of Elafonissos Island to believe it.


The Beauty of Elafonissos Island; A Stunning Greek Island Treasure - Pink Beach Elafonissos


The Greek island of Elafonissos is located close to Crete and is world famous for its pink beaches. The pink appearance of the Elafonissos beaches are caused by the red organisms that live on the nearby coral reefs and pieces of red and pink sea shells that are washed onto the shore. Since Elafonissos is an Island, the entire outer perimeter is technically considered a beach; however, there are a few key spots that beach lovers must stop.


The Beauty of Elafonissos Island; A Stunning Greek Island Treasure - Elafonissos greek Islands


The first must stop beach destination on Elafonissos is Frango-Saracenico, located on the southeast tip of the island. This area of the island is known as the “Twin Beaches”. The water of these beaches is known to be the shades of the pristine blue colors that make up the famous beauty of the Mediterranean waters. Additionally, the sands appear to be a mix of gold and pink in the summer times, making the sands themselves breathtaking to visitors.

During the late summer, the flowers that surround the twin beaches are in full bloom, causing some visitors to claim that Frango-Saracenico as one of the most beautiful spots in all of the Mediterranean.


The Beauty of Elafonissos Island; A Stunning Greek Island Treasure - sunset


Due to the beauty of the Twin Beaches the beach often becomes crowded in the peak of the season. If you find yourself wanting to enjoy a quieter beach that is just as beautiful, you only need to only travel a little north to the beach of Lefki. This beach is often referred to as one of the hidden beach gems of the island, since so few foreign tourists know about it. The sands of this beach are very white, not pink, causing the beach to contrast beautifully to the celestial blue water. The quietness of the beach allows visitors to fully enjoy all of the beauty and relaxation that the beach has to offer.


The Beauty of Elafonissos Island; A Stunning Greek Island Treasure - Elafonissos Umbrellas on Beach


If you are looking for a bit of adventure, you can travel away from the main island of Elafonissos to the close island of Tis Panagias Ta Nisia, meaning the Island of the Virgin Mary. The beaches of the Island are surrounded by an array of cedar trees and flowers, which come into blossom in June, just before the peak of the tourist season. Additionally, the crystal clear water that surrounds the island makes it possible for visitors relaxing on the beach to still be able to observe and enjoy the marine life near the shore as well as the colorful aquatic plants. More adventurous beach goers can also swim to the nearby uninhabited small islands.


The Beauty of Elafonissos Island; A Stunning Greek Island Treasure - Elafonissos Port


With its beautiful pink and white shores, the beaches of the Greek island of Elafonissos are a must visit for people hoping to experience the true beauty of the Mediterranean. Whether you prefer a more crowded beach where you can socialize with other visitors, or a more secluded beach where you can enjoy the beautiful surroundings in solitude, Elafonissos is a must visit.


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Author: Nicole

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  1. Hello Nicole! I really liked your post about the island of Elafonissos! Even though I live in Athens I have only visited once. Now I want to visit again…hehe! I’m looking forward to share it with my team which is running the social media community — Zorba The Entrepreneur — and we share the best of Greece’s beauty and nature with the world! You’re welcome to join us!

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  2. Hello worldtravelers!
    We were living for 5 years in Chania, Crete, and it always was a magical journey to visit Elafonissi!
    Together with Balos, these are the most magnificient beaches we have ever been and we really miss it a lot.
    Since 2012 we are back in London, although I am German and my husband is from Athens, the economy in Greece made is necessary for us to relocate. BUT: We are determined to move back to Greece and its beautiful nature ASAP, we think and work every day for it!
    Sending many well wishes & all the BEST

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  3. Hello!

    I didn’t realize there were so many islands around Greece. I have a goal to see all the different colored sand beaches! The pink looks lovely. Your photos are beautiful! I think doing sunset photos would be amazing. Your post has me intrigued to see Elafonissos. I’m hoping to attend TBEX Athens, maybe I will take a side trip! Thanks!

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    • Michael

      There really are some incredible beaches throughout the Greek Islands. You won’t be disappointed if you go to Elafonissos. Also don’t miss Santorini if you get the chance!
      Michael recently posted…The World’s Best Infinity PoolsMy Profile

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