Big Five African Safari

The Big Five are one of the greatest attractions for going on an African Safari. The Big Five animals include Lion, Elephant, Rhino, Buffalo and Leopard.

For the large majority of first-time visitors to Africa, seeing the Big Five up-close in the wild is at the very top of their wish list, and rightfully so. If you have never witnessed this for yourself, it is a spectacle to behold.



The sheer size of an African Elephant herd up-close is enough to get your heart pumping. These deeply loyal animals move around the bush with a sense of superiority, as they are typically not on the food list of any of the major predators.

Lions on the other hand spend their days relaxing for the most part, especially in summer, when it is too hot to hunt. But when night falls the game is on. Embarking on a nighttime game drive will keep you alert for the duration of the trip. The wild is a different place at night, different sounds and smells, and different activity.



If you are lucky enough to spot a Leopard on your safari, you have done well. This notoriously shy cat prefers to hide in rock outcrops and trees. Typically a Leopard will kill its prey and then drag up a tree, out of the reach of ground-dwelling predators like hyenas and wild dog.

Rhino too are becoming increasingly scarce, as they are being poached in large numbers for their valuable horns. It is strongly believed that animals will be extinct in fifty years.




African Buffalo can be seen in their intimidating large herds, preferring to stick to their safety in numbers rule. Witnessing a Buffalo stampede whilst Lions are hunting them down is not a common site, but if you do happen to be in the right location, enjoy the action, it’s immense.

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