Breathtaking Snorkeling in Thailand

Thailand is known within Asia and around the world for its breathtaking beauty. Thailand’s beauty is highlighted in its heavenly beaches, known for their white sand and celestial blue waters. Since this is such a coastal country, there are plenty of these magnificent beaches to visit during your travels there. While visiting these beaches, you should also plan a day or two to spend snorkeling, and take in all of the beauty not only from above the water, but below the water as well.



Thailand is separated into seventy six provinces. One of these provinces is Phuket, and is becoming one of the must visit destinations for snorkelers. Phuket is Thailand’s largest island, about the same size as Singapore, and is connected to mainland Thailand by two bridges. Since Phuket has its own airport, the province is very accessible and it is possible to spend your entire vacation in Phuket enjoying the beauty above and below the waters.


Breathtaking Snorkeling in Thailand


Banana Beach is a hidden gem on Phuket. Although Phuket is becoming more and more “tourist-y” as it caters to the tens of thousands of tourists that flock here for its beauty each year, Banana Beach has someone managed to remain under the radar, leading many locals to call Banana Beach the “last hidden beach of Phuket”.

Since the beach is not visited by many tourists, the shallow clear blue water around the beach has been left undisturbed. This undisturbed water makes it an ideal place for snorkeling, as so many beautiful fish swim closely to the beach. Thus, you will not have to pay expensive fees for a tourist agency to take you out to a reef or to a section of the island which they have paid to keep secluded in order to see fish. You can see marine life at your own leisure and enjoyment, and then lay on the quiet beach under swaying palm trees to relax.


Breathtaking Snorkeling in Thailand


Also in Phuket is the Ao Sane Beach. This beach is comprised of three smaller beaches separated by coves. These coves are an excellent first snorkeling spot for people who have less experience, and since the coves are on the beach and surrounded by rocks, people who have a fear of swimming in open water can also enjoy snorkeling here. Since the coves are smaller, only small fish will be seen here and some small marine animals. It is however still beautiful and is a great starting platform.


Breathtaking Snorkeling in Thailand


The Similan Islands are nine islands located in the Andaman Sea and are part of the Phang Nga Province. They harbor much  more famous snorkeling spots and if you are hoping to snorkeling in any spots around these islands it is best if you plan a two day trip at minimum, since the boat road to the islands is long and can be tiring. The trip however will be well worth it!

The water off these islands are warm and clean, making it possible to see the stunning coral and marine life beneath. Since the water is so clear, even a cheap underwater camera will be able to take stellar pictures, so invest in one before your trip. Lots of turtles live in these waters, and they have become accustomed to people swimming around them. Therefore, they are not camera shy, and you will be able to enjoy the beauty of turtles and will be able to take awesome pictures of them to show your friends and family back home without a lot of effort.


Breathtaking Snorkeling in Thailand


Thailand and its surrounding waters are absolutely beautiful, and anyone who loves water or snorkeling must visit here. With three beautiful locations highlighted above, along with hundreds of other snorkeling destinations throughout the country, visiting Thailand is a must.


Where do you believe is the most breathtaking snorkeling in Thailand?




Author: Nicole

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  1. I’m impressed that you found such good snorkeling! My sister and I were in the Phuket area last year and didn’t manage any good snorkeling. We didn’t get to any of these locations so that might explain it! We found Phuket to be too crowded and touristic and didn’t like the town at all. Either we’re too old and grumpy or it’s too crowded and crazy, or both! You got some great pictures – it’s so tricky underwater when everything you want to catch swims away!
    Kay Dougherty recently posted…Calella de Palafrugell; a seaside jewel on the Costa Brava in SpainMy Profile

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    • Michael

      When we first traveled to Phuket (long before our nomadic life) we had the exact same reaction. We didn’t really like it. In fact if you had asked us where our least favorite travels were, we would have said “Phuket”.

      But everyone kept saying how much they loved it, so we gave it a second chance and had a much better time. I think it was because we spent most of our time at Patong Beach the first time, which is just way too much to handle! So our second visit took in the surrounding areas, which where far more relaxed and enjoyable.

      Also Phi Phi Island is just spectacular, even if it is crowded!
      Michael recently posted…The World’s Best Infinity PoolsMy Profile

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  2. Beautiful photos! I recommend the Surin Islands as the best snorkeling in Thailand. The reefs are shallower than the Similan Islands so more suited to snorkeling, and fewer boats visit. Day trips can be arranged from Kuraburi, Khao Lak or Phuket but ideally camp on the islands or stay overnight on a boat.

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