Choosing The Perfect Beach Vacation in Egypt

Besides being home to some of the world’s greatest landmarks and shopping, Egypt also has some world-class beach vacations. There are so many great locations to choose from, that it can be a bit overwhelming. The beaches of Egypt are alluring and serene. They offer some of the best seaside scenery on earth and are sure to accomplish what a beach getaway should… relax your mind and recharge your body. With that said, let’s take a look at some of the things you can expect out of an Egyptian beach tucked along the coastline in a desert paradise.


Egypt Beaches


Red Sea

If you are looking for accommodations and scenery that look like they are straight out of a Lawrence of Arabia movie or something that I let himself would consider decadent, then the Red Sea and Sinai region are your best choice. Plenty of umbrella Beach side seating abounds, and a palm tree laden coast sets at the perfect Egyptian scene. The ocean here is absolutely beautiful!


Egypt Beaches


Agiba Beach

Known as the pride of Marsa el-Sharif, this is one of Egypt’s most pristine, virgin beaches. Climb the cliffs for a beautiful view of the blue green Mediterranean. There is a cafe located at the top if you would like something to sip while you enjoy the view.


Egypt Beaches


Hurghada Beach

This is known as one of the best beach side destinations in Egypt. The waters here are crystal-clear and there are plenty of incredible reefs for you to snorkel and dive among, not to mention the shipwrecks that are waiting to be explored off the coast.


Egypt Beaches


Gharam Beach

This beach means the shore of love in Arabic, and is somewhat remote and its location. However, the soft sand and calming effect of the waves will certainly take your mind and body to another place. Also, there are plenty of places nearby to purchase any sort of beach items or refreshments you might need.


Egypt Beaches


Cleopatra’s Beach

This is one of those beaches that is known as a honeymoon getaway. According to legend, this is where Cleopatra came to bathe with Mark Anthony, her lover. It can be a bit challenging to swim between the rocks with stiff currents and such, but it is certainly worth a trip to see the remains of the old palace of legend.


Egypt Beaches


Many of beaches are home to nearby resorts. They serve amazing food in house, and there are usually more than enough great restaurant dining options nearby as well. Most of the resorts offer their own branded type of excursions. Some of these are day trips to remote areas or major attractions such as the Pyramids. Others will take you to great shopping destinations where you can wear your wallet and credit card out to your hearts content. It’s worth it though. At the markets you will find locally handcrafted items that are not available anywhere else in the world. Be sure to bring your bartering skills though, they will come in quite handy.

There is so much beauty to Egypt and its beaches, you will want to go back for more after your first visit.


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