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Tens of thousands of people flock to Australia every year to enjoy the beauty, fun and sun that these islands have to offer. In years past, visitors have enjoyed relaxing on the famous Australian beaches, watching Australian animals such as kangaroos and koalas, and visiting Australia’s landmark sites such as the Sydney Opera House.


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However, in recent years people have discovered that the secret worlds of the ocean, which lie beneath the surface of the blue waters that surround this island, are just as beautiful and magical as the land. As interest in Australian diving has grown, divers from around the world have ranked the waters off of Whitsunday Islands as some of the best places to dive in Australia.


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The Whitsunday Islands are located just off the coast of mainland Australia, and are located South of Bowen and North of Mackay. Additionally, the Islands are located in close proximity to the world famous Australian Great Barrier Reef. This close proximity makes it an ideal place for divers to come.


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Blue Pearl Bay, located on Hayman Island, is one of the best sites not only in the Whitsunday Islands group, but also in all of Australia. Blue Pearl Bay is known for its clear blue waters with high distance visibility. This makes it possible to see all of the colorful fish and coral. However, the absolute highlight of a dive in Blue Pearl Bay is the possibility of seeing the Maori Wrasse fish. These fish look like something out of a Super Mario Brothers game level. They are very large, often bigger than a grown adult, and very colorful. If you find a smaller one they look like they should be in a regular pet fish tank. Therefore, be sure to pack your underwater camera. Taking a picture with one of these fish is not something that you would want to miss!


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Hook Reef is another must see dive site when you visit the Whitsunday Islands. If you want to take your underwater dive adventure to the next level, this is the place! There are countless caves and ledges beneath the clear blue waters, and the rocks are covered with an array of beautiful coral and other marine plant life. Additionally, colorful fish call these caves and cliffs their home, and it is common to see mackerel, tuna and Indian Steephead Parrot fish.

Although not as common, whales have also been spotted in this area. Due to the beauty of the black stone cliffs and caves contrasting the celestial blue waters, the colorful coral, and the beautiful fish, Hook Reef has not only become a favorite among divers, but among underwater photographers as well, so don’t forget you camera.


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And finally, a visit to Whitsunday, or Australia for that matter, would not be complete without a visit to the Great Barrier Reef. The reef is one of the eight natural wonders of the world and can even be seen from outer space, so if you’re in the area, you must visit! The reef stretches for over two thousand kilometers, and has tens of thousands of marine and fish life. Therefore, there will never be a dull moment. The reef is absolutely beautiful and cannot be expressed in words.


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Australia’s Whitsunday Islands are beautiful, but the water and marine life below are equally as beautiful and majestic. Therefore, while you’re there you must take a visit under the water, and be sure to visit some of the best dive locations: Blue Pearl Bay, Hook Reef and the Great Barrier Reef.


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