Great Diving Locations in the Mediterranean

The 21 countries that make up the Mediterranean are famous for their beautiful landscape, rich historical history and delicious food. However, in recent years the Mediterranean countries have become a world famous destination for divers. With its warm climate, beautiful sea life and ship wrecks, the Mediterranean is the perfect place for new and experienced divers alike.


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Greece is a very popular tourist spot for divers. Greece’s beautiful cities are built in close proximity to the water, making it possible to enjoy the country even after a day of diving. One of the most popular tourist spots for divers in Greece is the Chios Island. Although the island is located closer to mainland Turkey than Greece, it is still considered part of Greece. The vibrant blue water that surrounds the island makes it possible for divers to see the colorful fish and aquatic plant life clearly. There are two specific dive spots that are famous just off of the island: The Great Wall and The Shell.


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The Great Wall is actually a cliff that is lined with beautiful red and yellow soft corals. In addition to seeing the coral, divers can also expect to see eel and tuna swimming by. The Shell is a location where divers can observe the beauty of marine life, including schools of fish and predators chasing them.


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Italy is another constant choice in the Mediterranean for diving getaways. Diving off the shores of Tortuga is one of the cheapest foreign diving experiences. However, many divers are happy to know that the cheaper price tag does not mean a lesser experience. Divers can look forward to enjoying the sunken ships and other archeological sites located beneath the waters of the Tortuga coast, while enjoying the marine life that have since occupied the artifacts.


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The waters off the coast of Ustica, Italy contain one of the newest ship wreck sites in the Mediterranean, making it a popular destination for diving tourists. In 2005, a 74 meter long ship sank in these waters, and now rests at 20 meters below the water. Since the wreck, a variety of marine species have begun to live in and around the ship. Divers can look forward to seeing a variety of barracuda, grouper and amberjacks. Also located near the ship wreck are a variety of underwater rock formations that diving tourists enjoy visiting.


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In addition to open sea diving, some divers enjoy the thrill of a cave diving experience. Anchor Bay in Malta has become the premier spot for cave diving in the Mediterranean. Due to the location of underwater caves, many caves are dark and it is difficult to see the life happening under water. Thankfully, this is not the case in Anchor Bay. The Mediterranean blue water makes it possible for divers to still experience the thrill of a cave diving adventure, while simultaneously allowing them to enjoy the marine life which they can see through the blue water.


Great Diving Locations in the Mediterranean  - @sarahfaulwetter


With a beautiful warm climate, pristine blue waters, and a variety of exploration sites below the water, the Mediterranean is a divers dream! Thankfully, traveling to embark on such an adventure does not have to break the bank, as divers can travel to affordable places such as Tortuga and still enjoy beautiful views without big costs. Divers in the Mediterranean can experience a variety of marine life, caves and shipwrecks, and observe clearly through the blue water. The Mediterranean is a must visit for any committed diver, both seasoned and new.


Where would you like to dive in the Mediterranean?



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  1. Ive been diving in the Med and it was amazing! Such amazing colors down there.

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  2. I have just found your website and love it! I can see its new but loving the articles so far.

    I have always wanted to learn how to dive and reading this just confirms it! Great photos.

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  3. OK, so you had me at SCUBA diving.

    It’s been years since I dove last (it’s been family snorkeling with my kids for the pas few years instead) and I’m itching to put a tank on again. My first pick would be to try the Great Wall, I think.
    Micki recently posted…Meeting The Locals in OkinawaMy Profile

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  4. I still have to learn how to dive, but I went snorkeling on several Greek islands and already loved that.
    Of course the fish aren’t as diverse and colorful as in some more exotic destinations, but there’s nonetheless a lot to see!
    Sofie recently posted…The Kalmthoutse Heide, a great place to catch upMy Profile

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  5. If I ever get into diving now I’ll know where to go in Europe. Hmm… I have been planning a trip to Greece for years, so I might want to add scuba or at least snorkeling to my to-do list.

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  6. Does anyone know what ship sank off of the coast of Italy?

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  7. Hi thanks for the heads up, I didn’t realise it would be worth diving in the Med, I am going there this summer and now will check it out dive wise.

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  8. You’re posts are always very interesting. I can’t help but just devour every article you post in your blog. You’re just a bounty of great vacation ideas. Keep up the good work!

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