Most Beautiful Beaches of Northern Australia

Are you thinking of visiting or just planning a day trip? The northern coast of Australia, from Western Australia, through the Northern Territory to Queensland, is home to some of the world’s most stunning beaches. Some of these beaches may not be on your coastal radar; but they should be! These are Australian beauties that should not be missed, whether you’re a native, or visiting the gorgeous northern coast. Here are our picks for the most beautiful beaches of Northern Australia:


Most Beautiful Beaches of Northern Australia - Collaroy Beach


Collaroy Beach (New South Wales)

With accommodations and fun for every and all family members, this gorgeous beach is one of our favorites! Though it has commercial appeal, it hasn’t lost its natural charm. It sports clear, turquoise water and relaxing resorts. Collaroy is located on the approximately 22km north of Sydney’s CBD. For Sydney residents especially, this short trip will take you to a tropical paradise you never know was just in your backyard!


Most Beautiful Beaches of Northern Australia - Whitehaven Beach


Whitehaven Beach (Queensland)

Whitsunday Island in northern Queensland is both the home of the indigenous Ngaro people and the home of the breathtaking Whitehaven Beach. With sparkling, magical, pure silica sand, and water clear as azure glass, this is the most photographed beach on the island. Find out why!


Most Beautiful Beaches of Northern Australia - Noosa Beach


Noosa Beach (Queensland)

Just miles from Noosa State park this South East Queensland beach has an untouched charm all its own! It has a dazzling, serene beauty you just must see!


Most Beautiful Beaches of Northern Australia - Mindil Beach


Mindil Beach (Northern Territory)

Located in Darwin, in the Northern Territory, Mindil Beach an amazing expanse of beach with an even more stunning sunset! Close to the famed Sunday Market, this is a perfect place to chill on the beach or sail the plentiful surf!


Most Beautiful Beaches of Northern Australia - Lizard Island


Lizard Island (Queensland)

Lizard Island, on the northern most tip of Queensland is an unparalleled tropical paradise with gorgeous sand and surf. It holds an added bonus for snorkelers with a gorgeous a barrier reef to explore! It is the spot for underwater wildlife photo ops!


Most Beautiful Beaches of Northern Australia -Turquoise Bay


Turquoise Bay

On Australia’s western Ningaloo coast, Turquoise Bay is one of Western Australia’s most awesome beaches! With both relaxation, and activities, it’s a perfect spot to spend an afternoon swimming, snorkeling or just relaxing. Plus the Western Australia beach views will never disappoint.


Most Beautiful Beaches of Northern Australia -Cable Beach


Cable Beach (Western Australia)

This breathtaking beauty is a 13.5 miles (22 kilometer) long expanse of pure white sand, with red ochre cliffs and the lapping turquoise waters of the Indian Ocean. Cable Beach is located at Broome in Western Australia’s Kimberley region.



Most Beautiful Beaches of Northern Australia - 75 mile beach


75 Mile Beach (Queensland)

Near Great sandy National Park Queensland, 75 Mile beach on Fraser Island is just that, 75 miles of breathtaking pristine island beach. It sports unique wildlife and, although not the most ideal for swimming, it is a stunning wildlife and landscape photography site!


Most Beautiful Beaches of Northern Australia - Wagait Beach


Wagait Beach (Northern Territory)

Wagait Beach in Darwin, Northern territory near Cox Peninsula and Mandorah is a hidden treasure with both sandy and craggy beaches. There is so much to photograph and explore in this NT beauty! It also hosts native Mawul Rom and Bungul Dancing ceremonies!


These beaches have something for everyone, from snorkeling and swimming, to kayaking and photo ops. And, not to mention, they will just take your breath away, with both commercial and protected national park, the variety is endless. Depending on where you live, or where you decide to visit, there is an awe-inspiring, magnificent beach that awaits you along the northern coast of Australia.


Do you have any other suggestions for the most beautiful beaches of Northern Australia?


Photo credits – Collaroy Beach, Whitehaven Beach, Noosa Beach, Mindil Beach, Lizard Island, Turquoise Bay, Cable Beach, Lucky Bay, 75 Mile Beach & Wagait Beach



Author: Nicole

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  1. Wow! Beautiful beaches around northern part of Australia. I really love to visit one of this places especially Whitehaven Beach (Queensland).

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