Most Popular Nude Beaches of the World

Forget about pesky tan lines, because in the following locations sunbathers and swimmers alike are encouraged to take in the rays in a more natural fashion. Here are some of the most popular nude beaches of the world.


Most Popular Nude Beaches of the World - Le Centro Hélio Marin - www torontosun com


Le Centro Hélio Marin, France

The location opened in 1950 and three years later became the founding site of the International Naturist Federation. Featuring two different areas, this place has now been a nudist resort beach for over 50 years. The French words are translated as “center of sun and sea” which seems to be an apt name. Nude bathing has been popular in the Aquitaine region since the earliest times and so this center prides itself on being a more modern spin on an age old tradition. Should visitors attempt to remain clad in their swimsuits, other guests here may encourage the reluctant to let it all hang out. The center is a mixture of caravans, bungalows, and campsites, all of which are near the beaches.


Most Popular Nude Beaches of the World - Plakias Beach, Greece - 50724945@N04


Plakias Beach, Greece

The eastern end of this large beach is well-known for its nudist friendly ambience and is sandier than the other areas. At Plakias Beach, the water is crystal clear, though the shore can be a bit rocky and hard on the feet in places. Cliffs on the left side of the beach make good spots for climbing up and jumping into the water. Chairs and umbrellas can be rented from the nearby taverns for a small fee. There are showers located around the beach for rinsing off and also a lifeguard station.


Most Popular Nude Beaches of the World - Haulover Beach, Florida - 95484243@N06


Haulover Beach, Florida

This tax supported, public nude beach is a rarity in the United States. Visitors here will find showers, lifeguards, and public bathrooms as well as concession stands and nearby parking lots. In fact, there are several parking lots and a tunnel so that visitors don’t have to cross the busy highway that runs past the beach area. Parking is around $5 at this location. Swimsuits are not frowned upon at this beach, but neither are they the common attire. Umbrella and chair rentals are also available for beach-goers.

Using the central lifeguard station as the dividing point, the northern section of the beach is known to be gay and lesbian friendly, more so toward the extreme northern end. The southern portion tends to cater more to heterosexual crowds. There is also a section of the beach catering towards those who prefer to keep their swimsuits on, which is clearly demarcated from the nude areas by a low fence. Those coming to this location should watch out for the occasional Portuguese Man of War, a type of jellyfish, which have been known to lurk in these clear waters.


Most Popular Nude Beaches of the World -  -Lokrum Island, Croatia - showtime23


Lokrum Island, Croatia

There isn’t much to see on this island, as it is a protected nature reserve complete with its own flock of peafowl. However, the secluded place makes for a good day trip from the nearby capitol of Dubrovnik, and it is also the perfect spot for sunbathing au natural. The nude portion of the beach has rocky slabs leading down to the water. Visitors who bring over their snorkeling kits will be certain to see some interesting aquatic life. There are also plenty of good picnic spots located around the island and doing so is a common activity. Hiking up to the old fort is recommended, though a bit strenuous, and care should be taken while ascending the hill. The view from the top is well-worth the hike, though.

Anyone making this trip should stock up on supplies, such as beverages and snacks, before boarding the ferry over as the few shops on the island are high priced. The ferry runs every half hour and the ride lasts between 10-15 minutes, depending on the boat making the trip. All visitors are required to leave by 6 p.m., so be sure to come early in order to spend the entire day here.


Stunning Beaches of Queensland - Ellis Beach - mattdmarshall


Ellis Beach, Queensland, Australia

Ellis Beach is a scenic and peaceful beach great place to visit. The beach becomes slightly muddy at low tide, but it’s great views and crystal blue water to make up for that fact. There is a parking lot and RV campsite located nearby for those wishing to stay awhile. Be sure to research if it is stinger season and if it is, don’t get in the water without adequate protection. Access is by car only; there is no public transport nearby.  The southern end of the beach is where the nudists hang out… literally.


What other beaches should be added to our list of ‘most popular nude beaches of the world’ list? Let us know in the comment section.



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