Sexiest Beaches in the World

When everyone is walking around in what is basically nothing more than skimpy underwear, it’s not surprising that most people associate the word ‘sexy’ with beaches.  Here’s our picks for the sexiest beaches in the world.


Our Favorite Beaches from Around the World Photo Essay - SUNSET-VENICE-BEACH


Venice Beach, California

Venice Beach was an easy choice to make the list of the sexiest beaches in the world.  It helps when the beach has been promoted on countless movies and TV series with the best looking girls and boys from Hollywood.  Think back to the 80s and you picture a bikini clad girl with big hair roller skating her way down the Venice Beach bike path.  Fast forward to the 90s and you think of the famous red bathers worn by Pamela Anderson in Baywatch.  Step into the next decade and there have been numerous scenes featuring this beach including Californication, NCIS and Mad Men to name a few.  The beach itself is huge and you won’t have any problem finding your own place for a towel, even in the busy city of Los Angeles.


Sexiest Beaches in the World - Copacabana


Copacabana, Rio De Janiero, Brazil

This list can’t exist without a beach from Brazil.  The country has made small bikinis famous all over the world, and while Copacabana has become very touristy, there is no doubt that this place still oozes sex appeal.  The beach gets very busy and before you know it you will be surrounded by locals and tourists alike, who all seem to be trying to challenge each other for who can wear the sexiest bathing outfit. Woman walk around proudly with dental floss bikinis and the men wearing no more than a thong. If you visit, be careful with your belongings as the beach is well known to be a haven for thieves.


Sexiest Beaches in the World -South Beach


South Beach, Florida

South Beach has a non-stop party atmosphere 24 hours a day, and it all centers around one of Americas most popular beaches.  You will find people from all walks of life come to this one place to enjoy this spectacular beach. It’s also known to draw models, musicians and celebrities.  It is definitely the place to be seen.  With the diversity of people, this might be one of the best people watching places in the world.  After hours things get even more fun with the strip famous for it’s trendy restaurants and nightclubs going well into the early hours of the morning.


Sexiest Beaches in the World - Bondi


Bondi Beach, Australia

While not a nude beach, Bondi Beach is famous for being a topless beach.  Good news for the girls; it’s also famous for the cliche stereotyped sexy Australian Lifeguard.   People flock from all around Sydney to enjoy the best beach close to the city.  It also makes a great vacation destination for everyone from the poor backpacker to the luxury traveler.  Be careful while swimming as the beach is well known for it’s big waves and rips.


Sexiest Beaches in the World - Ibiza


Ibiza, Spain

Ibiza itself is known as one of the party centers of the world.  Not surprising, where there are parties you are going to find lots of sexy girls and boys.  After partying all night, people find themselves a little piece of the beach and relax all day recharging their batteries for the next night.  As you could imagine on a party island the ambiance is one of happiness and relaxation.


What needs to be added to our list of Sexiest Beaches in the World?


Photo credit – Copacabana, South Beach, Bondi Beach, Ibiza



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