Snorkeling in the Stunning South Pacific

As beautiful as the islands are in the South Pacific, there are times when what is hiding underneath is even more breathtaking. With the stunning colors of the coral and hundreds of different sea life species, snorkeling is a great way to see the hidden beauty. You don’t need to dive in the South Pacific to get up close and personal with the aquatic denizens.  Just don a pair of flippers and a mask and snorkel your way through the islands. If you are heading that way and would like to witness for yourself some of the beautiful sea life in the region, these are a few good places to start for the best snorkeling in the stunning South Pacific.


Snorkeling in the Stunning South Pacific  - Huahine




A prime spot for snorkeling on this island is a small islet at the entrance to Port Bourayne Bay, which can easily be reached using either a canoe or kayak. Despite its somewhat bland or uncolored coral castles, this site is nonetheless populated with clownfish, eels, and butterfly fish. The latter are easily bribed with bread, which results in some excellent underwater photos.

Drift snorkeling can be found in Huahine Iti, where it is very easy to float with the current over a vast array of coral. Green sea turtles and string rays make their home here as well. Should visitors have limited swimming skills it is recommended that they wear a lifejacket during the drift tour due to the strong current. There are several tour companies in operation on the island and all of them are a good value for guests. Chez Tara is highly recommended for their Sunday Polynesian lunch buffet, and the Huahine Yacht Club also is popular and has delicious fresh fish.


Snorkeling in the Stunning South Pacific - Uepi Island - 10003320@N05


Uepi Island

Solomon Islands

Brimming with a large array of aquatic life, this resort island is a haven for brightly hued tropical fish. Prime snorkeling spots can be accessed straight off the beaches here, which is an added bonus. Sea fans, sponges, soft and hard coral are all found here. Start at the Welcome Jetty with its sponge covered pilings in order to see the clownfish, giant clams, nudibranchs, snowflake morays and other marine animals that make their homes here. Black tip reef sharks are also prevalent. This destination is popular with both couples and families. The island can be reached by boat from Seghe for about $100 per person. Bungalows are available, but they do not have air-conditioning and offer only the most basic of furnishings.


Snorkeling in the Stunning South Pacific - Moorea Island - michaelswiet


Moorea Island


Less expensive than Bora Bora, this ecosystem is comprised of over 3,000 reefs and is the largest coral reef system in the world. Needless to say, diving and snorkeling are both popular here, but those that wish to remain dry can check out the marine life on a glass-bottomed boat tour. For $35, island visitors can take a short boat ride out to the popular Lagoonarium area for the best snorkeling. Lifejackets are provided for those that need them. Be sure to catch the popular fish feedings at 11:00 am and 2:00 pm.

Those looking for somewhat scary thrills can take an ATV to the top of Magic Mountain and hikers might be interested in climbing the Belvedere Lookout. The path can be hard to find, so ask the locals for help, but the views from the top are worth it.


Any locations we should add to the list of the best snorkeling in the stunning South Pacific?



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