Stunning Beaches of Queensland

It is well known that Queensland is full of beautiful beaches.  With perfect tropical weather and a 8,000 mile coastline there are plenty of places to pick when choosing a beaching holiday location.  Earlier we told you about the best beaches in the South East corner of the state, this post will look at the beaches all around the wonderful state.  Here’s our picks for some of the most stunning beaches of Queensland.


Stunning Beaches of Queensland - Whitehaven Beach - hypergurl


Whitehaven Beach

With its fine white sand and azure waters, this beach is gorgeous and sailing around the island is a good way to see it. Helicopter rides can be arranged over the island, but doing so can be a bit on the pricy side. For the most part, boats drop visitors off on the island and come back to pick up guests at a prearranged time. The March flies can be fierce, so bug spray is a must at certain times of the year. At other times, stinger suits are recommended for protection from the box jellyfish. It is always a good idea to bring a plastic poncho and waterproof bag in case of an unexpected rainstorm on the island (as it is in a tropical environment and rain seems to come out of nowhere sometimes).

There are no stores here, so be sure to stock up on snacks, lots of water, sunscreen, and anything else you can’t live without prior to making the trip out. The fine-grained sand here can easily get into cameras, so visitors should leave expensive equipment at home or in their hotel rooms.


Stunning Beaches of Queensland - Seventy-Five Mile Beach - glossy_mirrorplanet


Seventy-Five Mile Beach

This beach is not the best for swimming, yet nearby Eli Creek can easily serve that purpose should guests require a dip. Seventy-Five Mile Beach, however, is perfect for spotting sharks, sea turtles, wild dingoes, whales, and manta rays. It is also ideal for stargazing. The nearby shipwreck is a fun place to take photographs. Renting a 4-wheel-drive vehicle is the best way to get around the island and buses have been known to drive across the beach as well. Take care to watch the speed limits here.


Stunning Beaches of Queensland - Noosa Main Beach - gvqueensland


Noosa Main Beach

This beach is a good family-friendly spot that doesn’t require a boat or plane trip in order to access it. This large beaches features relatively calm waves and plenty of shade trees. There is also a good selection of eating establishments nearby. The downside to this is that Noosa Main Beach can become crowded at times. Should this be the case, there is a small cove near to the end of the large beach that is less visited and can provide a respite. Parking is limited at this location and so it is recommended that beach visitors come on the public buses instead of driving their own cars.


Stunning Beaches of Queensland - Fitzroy Island - hemisphere_solutions


Fitzroy Island

A national park, this island has a spectacular white sand and coral beach. It is easily accessed by ferry from Cairns. There is plenty of wildlife on the island, so it is popular with nature enthusiasts. An excellent variety of marine life lives in the island’s waters and the locals who work here are good at pointing guests in the right direction for the best views. Glass bottom boat tours are also available.

While this location is ideal for photographers, snorkelers and swimmers will no doubt enjoy the beaches here. Visitors are advised to bring portable chairs, because the coral sand beaches can be uncomfortable to lie down on. Though there are shops on the island, money can be saved by bringing water, sunblock, and snacks along.

Should visitors tire of the beach, hiking is a popular activity on Fitzroy Island and the island has many trails. Excellent views can be had from the top of either the lighthouse or the mountain.


Stunning Beaches of Queensland - Ellis Beach - mattdmarshall


Ellis Beach

A scenic and peaceful beach that doesn’t require a boat trip, Ellis Beach is great place to visit. The beach becomes slightly muddy at low tide, but it’s great views and crystal blue water to make up for that fact. If there are kids with your party, they probably will like the mud anyway! There is a parking lot and RV campsite located nearby. Be sure to research if it is stinger season and if it is, don’t get in the water without adequate protection. Stinger nets are sometimes provided, as are lifeguards. A section of this beach is nude, so visitors should be aware of that fact. Access is by car only; there is no public transport nearby.


Are there any must see beaches we missed off our Stunning Beaches of Queensland list? Tell us in the comments!



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