A Surfers Paradise in Costa Rica

With tropical temperatures year round, it is no surprise that Costa Rica is well known for its watersports. Perhaps the most popular of the lot is surfing, which is concentrated around the northern parts of the Nicoya region but has caught on in areas as well. So to find a surfers paradise in Costa Rica make your way over to these spots in order to catch some waves (you can find a map of the beach locations at the end of the post).


A Surfers Paradise in Costa Rica - Grand @siribl


Playa Grande

This easily accessible area offers constant breakers and swells for surfing fanatics, and the north side of the beach is a fine place to go swimming. You will constantly find big waves here and caution should be exercised when swimming due to the rip tides. The beach is also a nesting site for the leatherback turtle and several other species, so between April and October no one is allowed on the shore after sundown. Playa Grande is located near the village of Montezuma as is Playa Montezuma. Fun activities to try while out of the water are the zip-line Montezuma Canopy Tour and horseback riding at Finca Los Caballos.


A Surfers Paradise in Costa Rica - Naranjo @worldwide-souvenirs


Playa Naranjo

Also known as Witch’s Rock, this beach has strong offshore winds from December to March. There is a surf camp located here, but visitors are welcome to camp out. Be sure to bring mosquito netting and a four-wheel-drive vehicle if this is your chosen destination. The beach can also be accessed via boat.


A Surfers Paradise in Costa Rica - Negra @ericsurfdude


Playa Negra

High-powered, consistent waves pound the shoreline here. The right handed point break is truly spectacular and is especially recommended on stormy days. The nearest town is Tamarindo, which also serves a base camp for those wanting to go to the Langosta and Avellanas beaches.


A Surfers Paradise in Costa Rica - Nosara @72ppi


Playa Nosara

With its beautiful setting and moderately challenging waves, this place is ideal for beginning surfers, as well as anyone who simply wants to swim. Playa Nosara features warm waters, uncrowded shores, and tidal pools. Therefore, it is no surprise that this beach is a popular spot for returning visitors to Costa Rica.


A Surfers Paradise in Costa Rica - Boca Barranca


Boca Barranca

This beach features a left river mouth break and under ideal conditions the wave can be ridden for over half a mile. Recommended for long boarders, it is best to come out to this beach early to avoid the crowds from nearby San Jose. It is also advisable to arrive via public transport as there is a high risk for cars parked here to be broken into. Crocodiles have been known to swim around the shoreline from time to time, so perhaps it is not the best place for families, but this beach remains a good location for hardy, daredevil types.


A Surfers Paradise in Costa Rica - Santa Teresa @clarque


Playa Santa Teresa

Located near Malpris, getting to this pebbly beach requires a four-wheel-drive, for which the rental prices are around $50 per day. Several restaurants are located in the area, as are a number of hotels. This location is a good spot for young, adventurous types as getting to the beach is an adventure of its own, especially if guests intend to use the island buses for transport. The undertow and jagged rocks at Playa Santa Teresa do not facilitate swimming and so this area is best left to serious surfers only.


A Surfers Paradise in Costa Rica - Hermosa @squesada


Playa Hermosa

Located near Jaco, this beach receives a consistent swell due to the beach being openly exposed to the Atlantic Ocean. The best waves originate near a tree called the Almendro, which locals will be happy to point out to surfers. Playa Hermosa is a large and uncrowded beach, but should visitors tire of surfing there is plenty to do in Jaco. The Waterfall Canopy Zip-line tour and the Pacific Rainforest Arial Tram are both excellent methods of sightseeing, depending on personal preference. Hiking, rappelling, hotels, and restaurants can be found in Jaco as well. Other beaches in the area are the Playa Caletas and the Playa Herradura.


What’s beach would you call ‘A Surfers Paradise in Costa Rica’?


A Surfers Paradise in Costa Rica - Surf Beach locations




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