Time to Party! Top Beach Festivals Around the World

There is not much better than the beach, except perhaps a party at the beach, which is why we have chosen to highlight some of the top beach festivals around the world.


Time to Party! Top Beach Festivals Around the World - Full Moon Party - FullmoonpartyThailandFacebook



The Full Moon Party on Haad Rin Beach in Koh Phangan

This monthly party which sees anywhere between 5,000 and 30,000 attendees dance until dawn, is especially well-known on the backpacker’s circuit. Featuring dancing, drinking and other activities such as skipping fire ropes, this party is known for its lively nature.

If visitors to Thailand plan to attend the Full Moon Party, they should book hotel rooms up to months in advance. Be sure to leave valuables at the hotel and lock up rooms securely before departing for the beach, to prevent being robbed. Due to the popularity of this event, several other mini-party events have sprung up and are celebrated at the same location. The island can be reached by boat, bus, train, or airplane.


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South Korea

Boryeong Mud Festival on Daecheon Beach

This festival was created to promote the mineral-rich mud flats found in this area. Mud pools, mud slides, mud wrestling, mud trampolines, and mud skiing are all features of this large festival. There is even colored mud provided for attendees to paint their bodies with. Live music can be found on the nearby beach and the festival culminates with a large fireworks display. If you get tired of being covered in mud, the water is clean and the sand is soft, provided you can find a spot to sit down. Daecheon Beach is located about a two hour bus ride from Seoul. The 2014 festival will run from July 19 to July 28.


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Worldwide Festival in Sete

Occurring this year from July 1- 7, the Worldwide Festival turns a small fishing village in France into a large party. A number of music venues are located right on the beach and the festival organizer is a popular BBC radio host by the name of Gilles Peterson. Renting scooters, bikes, or mopeds is advised for festival goers, as the venues can be occasionally spaced too far out to walk between them. On some occasions though, attendees will definitely get the chance to hang out on a float and watch concerts. Visitors should be aware that alcoholic beverages are not allowed to be brought into the festival venues.

This being France, the local food is good, fresh, and tasty. Good midrange places to eat in the village of Sete include Au Feu du Bois, which specializes in grilled foods, and Le Bouchon Lyonnais de Sete, which specializes in traditional French cuisine.


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United States

The Hangout Festival in Gulf Shores Alabama

Happening in May from the 16 to the 18th, this is another music festival that takes place on the beach. The festival site is easily reached by renting a car and driving from the airports in either Pensacola, Florida or Mobile, Alabama. General admission runs about $230 for all three days to the giant music event. Shuttle passes run about $50 for three days and are advised for easy transport between venues as parking is limited. There are around 70 bands playing on several different stages over the course of the festival.

Remember to stay safe in the sun, bring empty water bottles, beach blankets/towels and cameras. Water stations are provided for bottle fills and refills, but containers must be empty in order to be brought into the festival area. Outkast, Jack Johnson, the Black Keys, and the Killers are all headlining the 2014 festival. Should you get hungry, Buford’s Smokehouse BBQ in Gulf Shores has good wraps and barbeque at reasonable prices.


Do you have any to add to the Top Beach Festivals Around the World?


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