Tips to Stay Fit while on a Beach Vacation

As beach vacationers, we all have certain areas of our life in which there are endemic commonalities. We love to go hard and fast at night and then sit on the beach all day. It’s in our blood. We like to have fun and while we were on vacation we will do just that. However, there always seems to be a price tag to pay doesn’t there? You know what I’m talking about.

You get home, hit the scale, and it all but laughs at you. It seems you gained about eight or nine pounds while you were away and that was just for one week! If you were to vacation much longer, you could possibly turn into an orca whale. Here are a few guidelines to prevent you from doing just that. These aren’t frilly froo froo guidelines like “eat more salad” or “drink lots of water”. No, these are tips that were made with you in mind. Our tips to stay fit while on a beach vacation.




No sodas past 5 PM

This might seem a bit strange, but the end goal is pretty simple. We are trying to keep you from becoming bloated. Sodas carry an enormous amount of sugar and carbonation which lead to bloating. Diet sodas are even worse. They are loaded with salt so this only stacks against the carbonation issue when it comes to bloating. The more you retain, the more your body absorbs. It takes that stored, excess junk and turns it into fat ultimately.




Monitor your alcohol intake

This one sort of echoes the first tip. Alcoholic cocktails are loaded with calories. It is easy to rack up 1000 calories in less than an hour by sipping good tasting fruity drinks. Beer also dehydrates you, making you more bloated in the long run. Have fun enjoying a few drinks while on vacation. However, make sure you keep them in check so they don’t end up adding pounds to your body. You might want to institute a drink limit to keep you from losing count should you get a little sloshy.




Get some rest

It’s amazing how you can function better in the morning if you have those 7-8 hours of sleep. A comfortable bed like Saatva Mattress will help you sleep and you will be ready to attack the world in the morning. Also make sure the room is dark for a better night sleep. With extra energy it will help you keep active and burn a few of those calories you are ingesting.




Do activities that are physical

There’s no greater way to keep your body tone and trim while you are on vacation than by doing great guy stuff like canoeing, diving, running on the beach, or renting bikes to go riding, etc. While you are spending all of that time rejuvenating and relaxing, make sure you incorporate some of those activities into your vacation. Though they they are fun, they also lend themselves to great cardiovascular workouts. It won’t even seem like exercise and these activities are a great way to keep you fit while you are away.


Other things could go without saying like watching what you eat or staying up too late every night. Those are pretty obvious. You don’t want to gorge yourself on sugar or fattening meals, but after all, it is vacation. A little indulgence will not hurt. The main thing to keep in mind are outlined in the tips prescribed above. Use them as guidelines while you are away to help keep your physique in shape. We only get one body, we need to make sure we take care of it, so we can enjoy more time on the beach obviously!


Do you have any other tips to stay fit while on a beach vacation?


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Author: Michael

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