The Wonder of Singapore Beaches

While most people may not think of Singapore as a city that has many wonderful beaches, the truth is the place has so many it is hard to just name four. For a city that didn’t have many beaches to start with, they have created a treasure trove of some truly beautiful beaches in the area known as Sentosa Island.

Yes, the beaches in the Singapore area are pretty much all man-made, but when it comes to beauty they really can’t be beat. Here are four special beach areas that you will not want to miss out on visiting whether you consider yourself a beach bunny or simply love to stroll along the white sands and watch the waves roll in.




Gardens By the Bay

This is the jewel in the crown of Singapore and for good reason. The acres of garden with every type of flower plant and tree imaginable are heavenly. Since the garden was created as a green oasis that sits right in the heart of the city, the beach that runs along the bay is even more spectacular. And while it’s not a beach you will be going in for a swim, it’s perfect for a stroll. For visitors, it is advised that you take care to get your gardens by the bay tickets early as the garden can be crowded.  While the garden is huge, with acres of walkways and gardens, it is also the playground for the entire city. Plan your trip and get those tickets online before you head out.




Palawan Beach

If you love suspension bridges then you will love this beach. It is connected to a nearby island by the bridge that spans over white sands and palm trees that look like they belong in a Captain Jack pirate film. Located on nearby Sentosa Island, as many of the parks and beaches are near Singapore, this little beach has a very lively bar scene that makes it popular with the younger crowd. For a fun weekend getaway or just a beach to sit back and watch a sunset, you can’t beat this little beach.




Tanjong Beach

If a seclude beach that is quiet and away from the crowds is more your style, this may be the perfect beach for you. Located on the quieter south side of Sentosa Island, this is a great easy going beach for just hanging on a sunny afternoon doing nothing more than reading a good book and enjoying the waves.  While this is another of Singapore’s artificial beaches, you would never know it as you lounge by the bar with a drink in hand or enjoy a quiet walk along a white sand beach




Siloso Beach

Picnics are a perfect beach tradition, but not every beach is the right one for a family picnic. Siloso Beach however is a great beach for family picnics, and it shows by the families that love to visit it. Located on the southwestern edge of Sentosa Island, this is a quite family-styled beach and popular with many families in the Singapore area. While there are still plenty of bars and restaurants here, in fact probably more than in any other beach area, it is also not as rowdy as many of the other beaches. There are volleyball nets, places to take a canoe into the bay and even an impromptu game of football if you are lucky. Bring friends, bring family but most of all bring sunblock because it stays sunny out here. When it comes to beaches, Singapore has one for just about any kind of day you can imagine.


Photo credits – Palawan Beach, Tanjong Beach & Siloso Beach.


Author: Nicole

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